Thursday, January 6, 2011

ERGObaby Carrier

Since the weather outside is frigid and I am trying to avoid most indoor germy kid-zones right now (can you blame me??!!), I thought I could discuss some of the products that have made my life as a busy Mom so much easier.  One of the first things that comes to mind is my ERGObaby Carrier.  It has been invaluable in lugging my two kiddos around during their first year and beyond, because let's face it... I grow GIANT babies:)  By FOUR months they were 20lbs. 2oz. and 18lbs. 9.5oz. respectively.  The Baby Bjorn just didn't cut it for me after a while.  I learned about this carrier from some of my favorite baby-wearing Mamas back in Arizona and the second I tried it on with my little chubbykins snug inside I knew I HAD to have it.  The shoulder straps are super padded, but the real secret is in the waist strap.  It places most of your baby's weight on your waist/hips, rather than your shoulders and back.  What a difference that makes!  I have used it for short walks, long hikes, and loved having it in the airport a few times.  It is really easy to get on and off.  The baby can be worn on the front or back, and you can even do a "hip carry" by switching some of the straps around. 

To be fair, I must mention a couple negatives about this carrier.  First, the baby cannot face forward in it.  They'll be facing you no matter how you wear them.  Also, you have to get a special insert for newborns.  It seemed a little awkward and I never tried it out.  I will say, it looks like they have a little bit of a different version on the website from when I got mine 3 years ago.  They also have a few new styles of the carrier.  I just have the original.  The last issue would be the price tag.  One of these puppies will cost you upwards of $105.00.  Some have different features that cost more and they also have organic ones.  Plus any accessories you might need.  But for me, it was well worth the price.  It is a tough, sturdy, washable carrier that I have squeezed every penny out of!  It has allowed me to comfortably tote my babies around when a stroller just wouldn't do.  You can visit their website here.  

  Here we are on a warm day ((sigh)) last fall, picking peaches in Palisade.