Monday, August 9, 2010

Here We Go!

As a stay at home Mom, I feel like I have the very best job in the whole world. I love that I get to be with my kids every minute of every day. I love that I get to be there for all of the firsts, the ups and downs (literally) and that each day is wide open to make of it what we want. Sometimes that means staying home in our jammies all day to get the house in order, and sometimes we manage to get up and out the door by 9 a.m. (ok, 10 a.m.) to meet with friends or run errands.

Okay, so not all days are great and filled with that Mommy-hood bliss. Some days, and I won't lie, I feel like poking my eyes out, or screaming, or curling up in a ball on my bed, in the dark, or all of the above. Some days are just hard. Some days you just need to get OUT! (of the house that is). Every one's a little stir-crazy. And the amazing thing is, I can usually tell if it is going to be a day like that with the very first interaction of Mom to kid and/or kid to kid. I just know. It's those days especially, I feel like we are all happiest when we do get out and about.

But here is where the problem lies... we live in a fairly small town and sometimes I am just at a loss of what to do. I feel like we have so few options and we do them over and over. The park, the mall (and if you've been to our mall... well, I'll just say, it's nothing to get excited about. Not even a little), Walmart, and maybe a few little museums. So, you get the picture.

Now, I grew up outside of Denver, and recently lived in Phoenix for six years. Those are BIG cities. They have TONS to do. And sometimes I find myself moping around, wishing we lived in one or the other. We would never be bored! My kids would be happy and entertained all of the time! How wonderful! But we don't live there, so what's a Mom to do?

Well, I went and complained to MY Mom! That's right, I went up the totem pole looking for a little sympathy. And you know what she said? She said "Lindsay, you need to get out there and find any and every little thing to do with those kids." And she was totally right. I have never taken the time to dig around and see what this "Grand Valley" really has to offer for it's tiniest residents. I know there is more out there than the much anticipated weekly trip to Walmart.

So this blog begins my quest, my challenge, to get out there and find any and every little thing to do with my kids. I hope it will encourage other Grand Valley Moms to do the same, and allow those just passing through to experience the best of what this area has to offer for their littlest busy bodies.

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  1. This is so great!!!I will rack my brain for any other things we have done that I can't think of. Great idea Lindsay!