Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Museum of the West

To finish out my reviews (see 2 previous posts) on our three-part Museum of Western Colorado membership, we visited the Museum of the West in downtown Grand Junction. The museum is home to a wonderful collection of Western Colorado's history, they say dating back a thousand years. From the Native Americans, the pioneer days and beyond, there is a lot to see, read and even experience. I would have loved to spend some time meandering through, picking up interesting facts that I never knew about the city I call home. BUT with a three year old and a baby in tow, I barely had a second to figure out what each exhibit was even about!

Verdict: this is not the best place for young kids to visit. I knew there was an airplane exhibit and a covered wagon you could sit in, that sounded fun. I told The Boy about those and as soon as we entered the building all I heard was "where's the airplane, where's the airplane, Mom?!" We eventually found the airplane and the wagon, and they were fun for about one minute. They both have a button you can push for sound effects, but nothing too exciting. There was an old fire engine, and a mining tunnel to walk through, but C didn't like how dark it was inside the tunnel. Those were the only kid-worthy exhibits as far as we were concerned.

I will say, the most exciting part of our visit was getting to climb the stairs to the top of their observation tower. I think it was 125 feet off the ground and you have amazing views of the whole valley. We rode the elevator up and then you have to climb the last 2 flights of stairs to the top. There is a picnic table where you can sit and enjoy the view.

Overall, I would not recommend this stop for the little guys. Even with our membership, I don't think I'd bring the kids back here any time soon. Adults will get so much more out of this one!

Click here for their website to learn more.

The Cessna airplane exhibit

Outside the mine tunnel.

Up on the observation tower.

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