Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grand Junction Soccer Club

As I have mentioned before, we have a VERY high energy little boy living in our house.  Running, jumping, never stopping?  Yes that's him.  Add in a little dragon fighting and a game he picked up at school he calls "jet pack" (????) and my husband and I sometimes find ourselves staring wide-eyed at each other thinking "WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW?!?!"  The Boy loves sports too.  Ask him his favorite and he'll list off five different ones.  He just can't wait to get "bigger" so he can play them all.  We have heard that they usually start the kiddos in T-ball and soccer after they turn four, which is next spring for our little guy.  We have been counting down the days until registration for something, ANYTHING that will help him get some of that energy out!

My husband has been involved with the Grand Junction Soccer Club for the last year or so, staffing medical teams for tournaments and the like.  He had another meeting with them a few weeks ago and asked the guy about the youngest age they'll start with kids.  He said as young as three.  I imagine my husband's response went something like this:  "What?!  Three years old you say?  Well, what do you know...we have the perfect little candidate for your program.  Can I please sign him up this VERY instant?!"

Needless to say, we got The Boy signed up and he has since had two "practices".  His age bracket would be considered the U4, with a birthday falling between 8/01/06 and 7/31/07.  This winter session is obviously indoors and I will say the setup is bit cramped.  I can't fit my stroller in there for my 1 year old, so it is kind of hard to chase her around and watch C.  It is located in the back of their office space, which is in a strip mall right by Sam's Club, sort of in a garage or small warehouse type area.  But it's just enough space for a little heard of small children to run around in!

The kids have a 45 minute playtime every week where they have a little free play, work on dribbling and trapping, and do some scrimmaging.  It is quite interesting to watch 3 year olds scrimmage.  They do not yet understand the concept of a "teammate" and are often taking the ball from their own, or scoring in their own goal.  Ooops!  But they are learning, and I know it will get better every time.  C absolutely LOVES his soccer time and starts asking when he gets to go again the second we walk out their door.  His coach, Coach Billy has been really good with the easily distracted group and worked hard to learn their names the first time they met, which I think is great.  I look forward to being involved with the Grand Junction Soccer Club for many years to come!

You can register online for their next sessions, which begin Jan. 3, 2011.  Check out their website for complete information.

The Soccer Stars!


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